House of Lords reform

A wholly elected chamber of democratically elected representatives, drawn from the traditional counties of the United Kingdom.

Each county an electoral constituency (in the case of Yorkshire three constituencies of; West, East and North & York), with the number of seats allocated on an approximate ratio to the population, e.g. 1 seat per 250,000 population.

Regulated by an independent Electoral Commission.

Constituency boundaries of various tiers of Government are not permitted to traverse those of other tiers, creating divided loyalties. County boundaries being the fixed frame of reference to which all other constituencies conform.

An electoral system of proportional representation (PR) deployed, similar to the former elections of Members of the European Parliament (MEP).

The elections take place every four years, asynchronously with the House of Commons schedule.

All constitutional legislation, including electoral reform, has to be approved by both Houses of Parliament, i.e. restore the power of veto to the upper chamber.

Further detail has also been set out for the House of Lords Constitution Committee, Inquiry into the Future Governance of theUK, with the Yorkshire Devolution Movement’s, written evidence submission.

References: Electoral Commission, Electoral Reform Society, British Counties Campaign, Association of British Counties & Historic Counties Trust.


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