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 We are a local (Kinston-upon-Hull & district), informal group of political activists, who seek significant constitutional change to create a federal England and ultimately home rule for the County of Yorkshire, in particular.


 The Group is not registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party because (with the exception of single issue parties) they invariably present a raft of policies and a manifesto to the electorate which can conflict with other views held by voters, and candidates.


 Indeed members of registered political parties are frequently barred from membership of other parties, even though they may sympathize with policies not adopted by their own party. The current party system promotes polarization and confrontation, rather than consensus and a meritocracy.


 Of course there are lobby/pressure groups, which usually promote a single issue by trying to achieve an apolitical  consensus, however these groups generally lack the ability to take their issue to the ballot box if necessary.


 We have a different approach, if people are prepared to organize and/or campaign on an issue, then we will consider supporting them, local democracy in action.


 This is not to say that Group members do not have views of their own, which may be expressed individually or collectively as part of the Group. We endeavour to represent the people and the community of Yorkshire, not private interests; by supporting the candidate who most closely aligns to our aims and if that proves impracticable then we may stand as independent candidates ourselves.


 We judge issues on the evidence and how it will affect Yorkshire, its’ people, environment and economy and support a code of conduct upholding standards of elected representatives, known as the Bell principles.





 The name of this Group is a reference to the political humour contained within the popular seventies sitcom Citizen Smith and the Monty Python film Life of Brian. We also wish to acknowledge the contributions made to furthering democracy and liberty by our predecessors; Claude N Robinson (1898-1988); Charlotte Grace Way (1900-1984), Thomas Way (1872-1953) and Charlotte Lowe (1872-1949).























































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