Pale Green Repository

The documents within this repository are likely to be a mix of external and internally generated papers covering a similarly diverse subject range as detailed in the Aims section, which contains proposed outline policies and contributions from participants, some of whom have a specialist knowledge or interests.

Reference Library

All documents are fact checked and verified against the current laws of science before being accepted as baseline reference material, as such challenges of accuracy can be replicated at any time thereafter as deemed appropriate.

It is probably easier to detail what should not find its’ way into the reference library; e.g. opinion, speculation, propaganda, myths and conjecture; to name a few of the most obvious categories of any sort or flavour.

If you (the reader) identify a variance from these criteria, please let us know.

General Library

We are evaluating the possibility of a more generic section for documents with an interest value which do not comply with the reference library criteria and would welcome reader contributions to the discussion.

05-05-2023 – World Community GridMicrobiome Immunity ProjectResearch update from the Microbiome Immunity Project team (May 2023)BOINC

28-04-2023 – World Community GridMapping Cancer MarkersResearch update from the MCM team (April 2023)BOINC

24-04-2023 – Australian GovernmentDefence Strategic Review 2023, public report

21-04-2023 – World Community GridSmash Childhood CancerSCC work units for FLI-1 and MyoD1 targetsBOINC

06-04-2023 – World Community GridSmash Childhood CancerNew team member and research projects at SCCBOINC

27-03-2023 – Voestalpine Turnout TechnologyPlanning Application 23/00409/FULL

22-03-2023 – World Community GridSmash Childhood CancerSCC Project starts a new phase in their quest for curing childhood cancersBOINC

20-03-2023 – World Community GridMapping Cancer MarkersResearch update from the MCM team (March 2023)BOINC

15-03-2023 – World Community GridAfrica Rainfall ProjectResearch update from the ARP team (March 2023)BOINC

07-03-2023 – Einstein@HomeDeep all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO O3 public dataBOINC

10-02-2023 – The UK’s Electoral Data Deficit: A vision for digital modernisation

09-02-2023 – World Community GridOpenZikaProject updateBOINC

06-02-2023 – The Yorkshire SocietyMilner Field: Rise, fall and rediscovery

09-02-2022 – The Grocott Bill and the future of hereditary peers in the House of Lords

20-01-2022 – Respect and Co-operation: Building a Stronger Union for the 21st century

19-01-2022 – Investigation into communication of changes to women’s State Pension age

07-12-2021 – How to make a success of county devolution deals

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