North Yorkshire PF&CC

Whilst one of our stated aims (see the ‘Aims’ section of this website) is the eventual abolition of; PF&CC, P&CC and directly elected mayor; positions throughout Yorkshire but in the interim, we need to address the forthcoming election on the 25th November 2021, now that all the nominations have been declared.

This is further complicated by the UK Government gerrymandering with the electoral process itself, intending to return them to the obsolete FPTP method, which of course is in their own interests.

Normally our inclination would be to endorse a candidate who is not at the mercy of party political influences, however on this occasion we note all the candidates manifestos are ‘falling over themselves’ to be ‘politically correct’ and distance themselves from the previous incumbent, which can only be viewed as political posturing and anything but the desired apolitical impartiality the post demands.

Thus we do not feel any candidate can be endorsed for this flawed and undemocratic election, we therefore offer our apologies to our readers and supporters.


1-11-2021 North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner: Who is standing?

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