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08-03-2022 – The Hull Cruise Terminal proposal was nominated previously, in a former incarnation as a project to “park” a redundant aircraft carrier as a visitor attraction.

Artist’s impression of a cruise ship berthed in the Humber off Sammy’s Point Picture: Hull Council

If this proposal was genuinely commercially viable, ABP would be pursuing it in their own right, rather than being selected as the local council’s “preferred partner” and looking to the tax payer to fund it.

The recent move by P&O to “out source” their personnel responsibilities, highlights the conflict of interest between commercial motivation and the obligation of elected representatives to reflect the views of their electorate.

Warning – To avoid participating in the propagation of communications deemed to be in breach of ethical principles, the links to the articles have intentionally been omitted.

15-02-2022 – Proposals put forward for second Humber Bridge to link Hull and Immingham – David Laister, Hull Daily Mail

Motivated by commercial self-interest and political maneuvering by Associated British Ports, who would like it funded by the tax payer too! It quite rightly was met by howls of derision from a public still expected to service the debt incurred by the first folly.

12-12-2021 – The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has received numerous nominations across a broad range of categories. If assembled into a written list it would be a quite extensive document, too many to cite in a nomination but if considered collectively against the criteria for granting a renewal of the Royal Charter and therefore ‘value for money’ for the tax payer, the conclusion rather becomes inevitable.

Other so-called mainstream broadcasters would no doubt receive a proportionate level of criticisms, particularly when reporting their versions of “balanced” news and “factual” content but find it difficult to compete against the BBC’s abuse of a privileged position.

The most pragmatic solution, from the point of view of the tax payer, would be to revoke the BBC’s Royal Charter, or at the very least return it to the original values of being a public service broadcaster.

23-11-2021 – The Humber Bridge Board receives a nomination for their contribution to customer services.


17-01-2022 – TV licence fee frozen for two years – UK Government

12-01-2022 – Conservative councillor ready for court battle over £16.50 Humber Bridge toll fine – Christian Brayford, Hull Daily Mail

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