The peasants are revolting!

We Didn’t Start The Fire – Billy Joel (1989)

Capitalism is just one of several flawed models by which societies can organize and interact with each other. This model has been embedded in our society for centuries and is probably as good as any servant of our democracy, the conflict arises when it takes precedence over the people it is meant to serve.

Protect human rights and access to law

Any restrictions on the independence of our judiciary, on our human rights laws, or on the right to judicial review could represent a devastating blow to everyone’s ability to guarantee their rights and freedoms against the state. That’s why in February 2020, 29 charities and other human rights-interested groups and individuals joined together in writing an open letter on the need to protect human rights and judicial review and over 200 organisations and individuals support this statement today.

14-12-2021 – Plans to “reform” the Human Rights Act are an unashamed power grab – Liberty

10-12-2021 – Liberty’s view on Government plans to overhaul the Human Rights Act

09-11-2021 – See also, “Stand up to power” – Liberty

25-10-2021 – See also, Internet reform.

Elections Bill

There is a clear need for an elections bill which addresses the many long-standing problems with our elections, as highlighted by the Law Commission and the Committee on Standards in Public Life, but the Elections Bill fails to achieve this.

23-02-2022 – The Elections Bill could open the floodgates on party funding – Doug Cowan, Electoral Reform Society

22-02-2022 – The Electoral Commission’s letter on the Elections Bill is unprecedented – Jon Narcross, Electoral Reform Society

28-01-2022 – The government aren’t listening – make your voices heard on 5th February – Jon Narcross, Electoral Reform Society

18-01-2022 – Now it’s over to the Lords to prevent the government’s assault on democracy – Jon Narcross, Electoral Reform Society

17-01-2022 – MPs have last chance to save the UK’s freedom to vote – David Davis, openDemocracy

14-01-2022 – The government should stop and re-think Elections Bill as it returns to the Commons – Jon Narcross, Electoral Reform Society

14-01-2022 – On Monday MPs have a chance to pass an election bill that actually works – Jon Narcross, Electoral Reform Society

17-12-2021 – Even senior MPs agree the government needs to pause and rethink the Elections Bill – Michela Palese, Electoral Reform Society.

13-12-2021 – Election reform proposals ‘lack evidence base, consultation, and transparency’ – Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

07-12-2021 – Dominic Grieve is just the latest conservative to call for a halt to the Elections Bill – Sadie Livingston, Electoral Reform Society

06-12-2021 – Elections Bill is ‘a threat’ to Electoral Commission independence, says chairman – Christopher McKeon, The Independent

25-10-2021 – Elections Bill Action Centre – Unlock Democracy

24-09-2021 – New Poll Finds Majority of Public in Favour of PR – Make Votes Matter

06-09-2021 – Briefing on the Elections Bill – Second Reading – Electoral Reform Society

31-08-2021 – Response to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee inquiry on the Elections Bill – Electoral Reform Society.

23-07-2021 – What is the Elections Bill? And why is it an issue? – Michela Palese, Electoral Reform Society.

20-07-2021 – How can we better regulate our elections? – Michela Palese, Electoral Reform Society.

13-07-2021 – Democracy is in retreat – and the government’s Elections Bill fails to face up to the challenge – Stephen Kinnock MP

09-07-2021 – Elections Bill: Has the government jumped the gun? – Jon Narcross, Electoral Reform Society.

18-06-2021 – Government confirms plans for ‘Elections Bill’ – including making it harder to vote – Josiah Mortimer, Electoral Reform Society.

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

The new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill – known as the Police Crackdown Bill – will criminalise people who take to the streets to have their voices heard and give police more powers to shut down protests.

18-01-2022 – Lords defeats for government’s protest clamp-down plans – BBC

13-01-2022 – As a former officer, I’m horrified by England and Wales’s Police BillRichard Ecclestone, openDemocracy

04-01-2022 – Add your name to defend the right to protestFriends of the Earth

17-12-2021 – Why you should be worried about the new Policing Bill – Jack Bullett, Greenpeace

07-12-2021 – How Priti Patel’s new policing bill threatens your right to protestHannah Westwater, The Big Issue

02-12-2021 – 5 ways the Government’s Policing Bill just went from bad to worse – Liberty

01-12-2021 – Jailed for 51 weeks for protesting? Britain is becoming a police state by stealthGeorge Monbiot, The Guardian

25-11-2021 – New powers to stop and search protesters and make ‘locking on’ a crime added to controversial policing billLizzie Dearden, The Independent

25-11-2021 – Priti Patel has quietly been stuffing even more punitive anti-protest powers into the policing bill – Ian Dunt, i News

09-11-2021 – See also, “Stand up to power” – Liberty

28-06-2021 – Two thirds of public concerned by plans to ‘criminalise protest’, polling showsLizzie Dearden, The Independent

22-03-2021 – What is the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and how will it change protests? – Dominic Casciani, BBC

14-04-2021 – Does peaceful protest work? – Lowri Evans, Greenpeace

14-03-2021 – New anti-protest bill raises profound concern and alarm, human rights groups sayAubrey Allegretti and Maya Wolfe-Robinson, The Guardian

Vaccine Passports

At a time when trust in this Government has been destroyed, it asks us to put our faith in it to bring in more restrictions and surveillance. Yet again this is being done without due process because this is being brought in without a vote by MPs.

24-12-2021 – Legal challenge to the English covid pass scheme – Big Brother Watch

08-12-2021 – Vaccine passport plans a dangerous distraction – Liberty

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plotters, 1605. Roman Catholic conspiracy to blow up English Houses of Parliament on 5 November 1605 when James I due to open new session. Guy Fawkes, best known of the conspirators, is third from right. From print published Frankfurt 1605. (Colorised black and white print). (Photo by Print Collector/Getty Images)

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