In the generations before climate change was invented* many children were brought up with a moral sense of being “pale green”, shorthand for being aware of nature, the potential to cause long-term damage to the environment and to minimize the impact throughout their lifetimes.

*The point at which climate change; could be detected, quantified and predicted; ceased to be the preserve of an “extremist” minority and became accepted by the wider population.

To be effective, sustainability has to be integral to all decision making processes and legislation. This article is intended to highlight the constructive moves toward that goal and can be construed as the antithesis of the “Greenwash” article, which focuses on the misleading claims of those pursuing self-interest objectives.


31-01-2022 – Red Wall backs hydrogen heating saving the UK £35 billion – EUA (Energy and Utilities Alliance)

13-01-2022 – Britain’s gas grid to be ready to deliver hydrogen across the country from 2023, energy networks announceEnergy Networks Association

13-01-2022 – Renewables company takes over fracking firm to rescue stranded assets – Ruth Hayhurst, Drill or Drop?

12-01-2022 – Energy price crisis ‘fuelled by UK dragging feet on renewables’ – Zoe Tidman, the Independent

30-12-2021 – What to watch for in 2022 – Ruth Hayhurst, Drill or Drop?

16-12-2021 – Defund the fossil fuel industryFossil Free East Yorkshire

06-12-2021 – Ecotricity explains: The Environment Act 2021

27-10-2021 – See also, Sewage Bill

23-10-2021 – See also, IPCC – Sixth Assessment Report

20-10-2021 – See also, Rail Freight…

20-10-2021 – See also, Geothermal Energy from Abandoned Coal Mines

11-10-2021 – See also, West Newton Campaign

01-10-2021 – See also, Minsters Rail Campaign

22-09-2021 – Fishing boat flotilla arrives in Westminster to protest against broken Brexit promises – James Hanson, Greenpeace

10-09-2021 – Fishers declare emergency in English Channel and Southern North Sea with Greenpeace – James Hanson, Greenpeace

22-01-2021 – 6 out of 10 UK fish are being overfished or are in a “critical” state – Emily Fairless, Oceana

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