West Newton Campaign

West Newton A Wellsite was constructed in 2013. Two deep (below 2,000m) oil & gas wells have been drilled to explore for gas and oil.

“Oil companies will drill as many wells as they can get away with, if there’s a chance to get rich. They want to turn rural East Yorkshire in to an oil & gas field, and already have plans for multiple well sites and many more wells” – Courtesy of Fossil Free East Yorkshire

References: Frack Free East Yorkshire, Drill or Drop? & Fossil Free East Yorkshire


17-03-2022 – Three more years for East Yorkshire oil site – Ruth Hayhurst, Drill or Drop?

07-02-2022 – You still have time to object – Fossil Free East Yorkshire

26-01-2022 – Maps show which East Yorkshire villages could be drilled under by oil and gas company – Ruth Hayhurst, Drill or Drop?

12-01-2022 – West Newton A Expansion – Fossil Free East Yorkshire

06-01-2022 – Revised production plans published for West Newton-A oil and gas site – what’s different? – Ruth Hayhurst, Drill or Drop?

30-12-2021 – Rathlin posts notice of revised application for West Newton-A production – Ruth Hayhurst, Drill or Drop?

21-12-2021 – “Significant environmental impact unlikely” from 25 years of hydrocarbon production, says council – Drill or Drop?

16-12-2021 – Revised Planning Application Expected – Fossil Free East Yorkshire

16-12-2021 – Ask our Council to divest! – Fossil Free East Yorkshire

26-11-2021 – Rathlin Energy to revise major production plans for West Newton well site – Drill or Drop?

24-02-2021 – East Riding Council declared a Climate Emergency

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