“Deadend” or to be technically correct ‘No Through Road’!

The evidence would suggest that most of the population is willing to make modest changes to their lifestyle in an effort to ‘save the planet’. However most of us (householders and car owners in particular) are being deluged with marketing which purports to have ‘green’ credentials but in reality it’s just our capitalist system trying to relieve you of your hard earned cash with their latest wheeze, so that a few individuals can get rich at the expense of the many.

The ability to discern fact from fiction is not helped by a Government which backs ‘initiatives’ motivated by vested interests. These same ‘initiatives’ frequently only transfer the problem elsewhere, rather than address the cause and often defy the basic laws of physics.

The Government then reinforces these schemes with legislation (and incentives) which give the impression of ‘being backed into a corner’ to the general public and I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being vilified, by the media, for owning a non-electric car and a gas boiler, apparently its’ my actions melting the polar ice and changing the weather! The Government could also stop wasting tax payer’s funds on the incentives and then using it as justification for raising taxes.

There are alternative solutions ‘out there’ which science can validate as legitimate but they struggle to make themselves heard amongst a tirade of corporate propaganda.

Electric cars simply transfer the problem to the electricity generators, using rare minerals for the battery components, which have to be mined and there is estimated to be insufficient resources on the planet to satisfy current demand anyway. How many of you remember a Government ‘push’ to encourage us to change to diesel cars a few years ago, with the subsequent debacle that followed.

There is no part of the current nuclear generation programme which is consistent with the words environmentally sustainable, e.g. Nuclear waste has a radioactive half-life of such longevity it becomes a legacy issue for future generations.

Although the UK is an island, we have barely ‘scratched the surface’ of electricity generation from tidal power, yet to my knowledge the Moon has never stopped orbiting the Earth! In fact throughout my lifetime the Moon’s orbit has decayed (got closer to the Earth) by approximately the same amount as I am tall (6 ft) but this is never taken into account by climate scientists.

Where our gas boilers are concerned there are also alternatives, which do not involve adding another unsustainable load to the National (electricity) Grid, e.g. Save our Boilers!


08-01-2022 – See also, Nuclear is not an option

07-01-2022 – Hunterston B nuclear power station retires after 46 years in service – Rob Davies, The Guardian

30-10-2021 – Hydrogen economy in Yorkshire could open ‘floodgate of investment’ and thousands of new jobs.

However beware those twin imposters of nuclear and carbon capture & storage being incorporated under false pretenses. In our part of the World, carbon capture & storage is most efficiently accomplished using nature’s solution, trees!

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