Nuclear is not an option

Call on government to cancel nuclear plans – CND

The government is trying to force through controversial new legislation which will make consumers bankroll the nuclear power industry, whilst giving them no protection from spiralling costs. This will force thousands more families into fuel poverty. The electricity generated from nuclear power is double the costs of renewables. Nuclear is hampered by generic design flaws, long delays and safety risks. It’s dangerous to people and planet. To meet Britain’s 2050 net zero goals, instead of forcing consumers to bankroll a failed industry, the government should be investing more in renewables – CND

References: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament & Wikipedia

Reminder – When we reference or collaborate with other organizations, it does not imply we agree with all aspects of their agenda, in the case of CND we have serious concerns regarding some of their other campaigns, particularly in matters of defence; however we concur with their views regarding the generation of nuclear domestic energy.

The pursuit of SMR (Small Modular Reactor) technology has largely been allowed to proceed without comment from the population or green/anti-nuclear lobby groups.


05-01-2022 – No to Nuclear Power petition – CND

The success of the petition, in the above link, may well have been affected by the excessive number of mandatory fields, requiring disclosure of unnecessary personal information.

05-01-2022 – Nuclear Energy (Finance) Bill: contact your MP – CND

UK Government

09-11-2021 – UK backs new small nuclear technology with £210 million – Press release

26-10-2021 – Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill


10-02-2022 – Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy – Jonathan Amos, BBC


19-10-2021 – See also, “Greenwash”

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